GSGA’s Mission Statement

The GSGA’s mission is to instill a strong foundation of love for the game of golf. The belief of the GSGA is that excellence can be achieved through hard work, determination, and having fun. We take pride in seeing our students meet and exceed their goals.

The after school golf instructional program provides children of all skill and ability levels the opportunity to succeed with their peers within their school. Each student is taught the proper fundamentals of the golf swing, performing fun golf specific exercises, as well as learning proper golf etiquette and knowledge of the rules. As the student progresses through each skill level, they will become more in-tune with the golf swing while having fun doing it.

In addition to youth golf development, the GSGA was formed to enrich the game of golf to adults. By using both individual lessons and clinics, adults can learn the game or enhance their skills. Corporate lessons allow those in the business world to develop their games in order to take on corporate golf outings and functions. Our instructors are trained to tailor a specific golf regimen to each group in accordance with their skill levels to create optimal progress.