8 Life Skills

Honesty- The ability to asses a situation and conduct one’s self truthfully and fairly. Also, being able to stay free from deceit and be truthful.

In golf you must be honest; there is no referee so players are responsible for keeping their own score and calling penalties on themselves.

Respect- Showing consideration and regard for other people, as well as the situation at hand.

Golfers must show respect to other players around them, the golf course, and the rules of the game.

Dedication- Devotion, hard work, persistence, patience, and determination to attain a goal.

Players must have dedication to practice and play golf in order to improve. Even though they will get bad breaks and make poor decisions along the way, it is important to never give up.

Team Work- Cooperative effort to achieve a common objective.

Golfers can help their playing partners to improve their games. They can work together towards improving both players’ skills, and make rounds more fun.

Courtesy- To be considerate, show respect, and behave politely.

Golfers must show courtesy to other players: By marking their ball when it may be in the way, standing quietly while others are hitting, and shaking their playing partners hand at the end of the round.

Patience- Steady perseverance and dedication even in the face of delays or setbacks.

A round of golf can take up to four hours, and much of that time is spent in between shots. Golfers need patience to stay focused throughout the round, as well as to keep them practicing even if they do not see immediate results.

Positive Attitude- Approaching situations with optimism, and maintain confidence, even during difficult times.

In every round of golf players will get several bad breaks that are out of their control. It is important to keep a positive attitude so that they are focused on giving themselves the best chance on their next shot.

Confidence- Self assurance, belief in your abilities to achieve goals through dedication

Golfers need to have confidence in their own abilities in order to hit their best shots. When a player has confidence, they will perform at their highest level.